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Save the environment with Solar

Save the environment with Solar

Save the environment with Solar

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Yes, Global warming is real.

Yes, Climate change is real.

These two issues have been debated and analyzed for years now.  The verdict is clear and visible to all of us.   Climate change is effecting everyone irrespective of where they live and what they do.  The California drought drove the issue home to the United States – the world’s largest economy and one of the leaders in driving clean energy forward.

For those who still want to deny this fact, there is not much this or any other article will do to change your mind. This article is for those who have understood the crisis, and have a desire to make a positive impact to the environment.

Conventional sources of energy have been one of the key contributors to the staggering pollution levels around us.   While some are relatively better than others (coal vs. diesel); their negative impact is profound and visible to all.

Solar energy is the cleanest and easiest to adopt form of clean energy.   Electricity generated from solar panels is clean as it

  1. Leaves no air or carbon pollution
  2. Generates no ash or other waste products
  3. Takes only the sunlight as its input.   At our offices (Solar and Surya Urjaa) we keep getting this question do i need to provide any other inputs to keep my solar power plant running – and our answer is always simple – The sun is the only input – nothing more needed !
  4. Generates no carbon dioxide or other heat-trapping gases that contribute to climate change
  5. Solar energy does not produce any  harmful emissions or wastes associated with coal power, such as mercury, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, lead, and arsenic
  6. Solar power creates none of the long-lasting waste or environmental risks associated with nuclear power
  7. Solar energy avoids the environmental risks associated with natural gas, including potential water pollution during extraction

No impact on water resources

A rooftop solar plant involves almost no water.   When you compare this to power plants using steam (coal, nuclear, natural gas, etc) – there is a large usage of water – which is becoming a scarce commodity around the world.   Water availability is a crisis in Maharashtra (India) as much as it is in California (USA).

No wastage of scarce land resources with Solar Roof top.

In fast developing economies like India, land is a scarce resource.   Solar power plants installed on roofs of existing structures provide an easy way to generate power without using up scarce and expensive land.  For solar parks, land that is not arable

No transmission losses

Traditional Transmission is bound to result in losses as electricity travels over hundreds and even thousands of miles/kilometres.    Some estimates put transmission losses in the range of 30 to 50% of power generated.

Generate it here – use it here.  That is what solar roof tops are providing to homes and industries.  A Surya Urjaa solution once installed at your premises will travel no more than a few metres – from production to consumption.

At our India operations – Surya Urjaa – we make an analogy with water supply.  Would you like to depend on tanker water, if you had the option to have your own boring water supply ?

Do Good – Get Good  :: Large financial benefits

As a result of the global environment and favorable government policies, costs of solar power production have dropped significantly.   A solar power plant investment can generate over 24% returns on your investment.

Financing and leasing benefits

For installation of solar plants, loan and leasing options are available now.

A win-win decision overall

Environment – wins

Financial – you win

A solar power plant has become an all round win-win decision.   Reach out to us and get started  right away.


Doing it now – with a one-stop solution

The Surya Urjaa platform has been designed to give a single window solution –

  1. Technology  – Best pre-screened firms compete to win your business
  2. Finance – Ready to lend financial institutions for you
  3. Paperwork – Our advisory team takes care of it

Getting started

Good advise from a professional team is the first step in getting started.

Before you leave this page, tell us a little bit about how to reach you.  our Advisory team will contact you and guide you on the path to Energy Independence.

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