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Solar pumps for agriculture

Solar pumps for agriculture

Solar pumps for agriculture

Why Solar Pumps ?

Each years thousands of farmers and agriculturists are adapting solar pumps for one or many of these reasons –

  • Limited electric power supply – 4 to 6 hours per day.
  • Erratic schedule – sometimes in the day, and sometimes in the night.
  • New connections not readily available for those without a connection.
  • High cost of irrigating a diesel pump.
  • The challenges of operating a diesel pump – high maintenance and technical problems.
  • Environment friendliness – A desire to shift to clean solar energy.
  • To connect solar power to the drip irrigation system.
  • For use in a polyhouse, shadehouse, or green house.
  • Mix usage of the power generated – for farming and at the farm house.
  • Benefits of subsidized rates being offered by the Government.


Main Benefits of a Solar pumping system

  1. Zero operating costs – no electricity or diesel bills
  2. Runs for 7 to 10 hours per day
  3. Fixed schedule of operation – sunrise to sunset
  4. Clean energy solution
  5. Government offered subsidy available in many states
  6. Long life – 25 years life of panels
  7. Low maintenance system



What is included in a complete solar pumping system ?

A complete solar pump system consists of the following –

1) Solar Panels

2) Solar Pump Controller / Inverter / Meter – Control Panel Box

3) Mounting Structure which includes civil work for the foundation

4) Junction Box, Wiring, Earthing etc.

5) Installation and commissioning is included


Reach out to us

Whether you are looking to bring solar pumps to your market or to install a system at your farm, you are a minute away from reaching us.    Hundreds of thousands of farmers even today are struggling with the challenges we listed above.   With the PM’s goal of doubling farmers income by 2022, there is an urgent need to solarize India’s irrigation.

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Picture :   A happy farmer with his newly installed solar pumping system in Parbatsar, Nagaur, Rajasthan.  His farm did not have an electricity connection.  For the first time he is seeing water being pumped out on his field.   With extreme satisfaction in his voice, Nandaram ji says – “Every farmer should install a solar pumping system.  With this system it is possible for farmers to improve their financial well being.   Thanks to the Government for providing these systems at a subsidized cost. Our family also appreciates the hard work of the SuryaUrjaa team.”


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